Territory is a literary project about territories and the maps that fail to capture them. We publish themed issues. 

We're looking for works of literature, art, or music that either/or...
  • are about maps and the paradoxes they engender.
  • are maps of some territory.
  • respond to an existing map in some way (i.e. ekphrasis). We find it helpful to think of the relationship between map and map-response in terms of preposition. For example, you might...
    • construct a narrative that takes place within the map.
    • translate the map from its current medium to another.
    • map the territories outside the map.
    • write about a specific map, which is to say, explore the circumstances, history, and meaning of this particular object.
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Ends on May 31, 2019


Issue 11 of Territory is about Twins.

To get a sense of how we're approaching this theme, please see our issue preview page.

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